Dog laying near dirty paw prints on wood flooring.

Best Floors for Pet Owners

All pet owners love their furry friends, but messes, scratches, and accidents occur. No matter how well trained they are, things happen. In order to help prevent homes from being worn down by pets, pet-friendly flooring is a must. There are 3 main concerns for all pet owners when they replace their flooring: 

  • Durability
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Waterproofing

Join us as we discuss why these 3 concerns are so important and what is the best flooring solution available for pet owners. 


Not all pets are made the same and the same goes with flooring! While one flooring may be perfect for a couple, when a pet comes into the picture, things can change fast. 

We all know that scratches happen. While it may happen more frequently in some pet owner’s homes than others, chances are high that there’ll be marks on the flooring at some point or another. When it’s time to replace flooring, homeowners with pets need to keep in mind that some floorings hold up to pet nails better than others.

Wooden flooring compared to Luxury Vinyl Planks

Ease of Maintenance

Then there’s the hassle of keeping floors clean. No one wants to see their floor covered in pet hair, but no one wants to spend everyday vacuuming and mopping. When deciding what type of flooring to put in a home, these considerations should be kept in mind. 

One Wipe vs Ten Scrubs

Some floorings take a lot more effort to upkeep than others. For example, tile can be very time consuming to clean due to the grout and wood may need to be polished. Then, there are other floorings that may offer options for a simple sweep to keep things clean. It is important to research the amount of maintenance that will be needed to keep floors looking good.  


More than 30% of Americans with allergies are allergic to cats and dogs. While many people believe that having a hypoallergenic pet will offer some relief, there isn’t a completely non-allergic breed of dogs or cats. This is due to proteins in the pet’s saliva, urine, and dander collecting around a house. While removing the pet is the best option, it is hard to part with your furry friends. Having flooring that is bare and easy to maintain may be the answer. Being able to clean the flooring often and quickly will help reduce the effects of pet allergens.

Cat’s dirty paw prints on carpet.


Accidents are called accidents for a reason. They happen to the best of us, especially our furry friends. Bring home a new puppy without worrying about the long-term damage to your floors during potty-training. Set up water bowls all around the house.  Waterproof flooring is a great choice to protect homes from these accidents.

Water bowls

Everytime a pet drinks from its bowl, water will drip. Whether that be the significant amounts of water drops from a Mastiff or the slight amount of water drops from a Singapura, water will ultimately drop on the floor. While mats and towels provide some coverage, they will not be able to completely protect floors from the water. Spilled water bowls have nothing on this durable solution.


It is inevitable, especially with a kitten or a puppy, that potty accidents happen. Pet cleaning solutions can cost a fortune and don’t always work and when they do extensive scrubbing is usually needed. Waterproof flooring takes away the worry of pets staining or warping the floors throughout a home. It also provides for the easiest cleanup for any pet’s accidents.

Paw Traffic

No matter how well maintained a yard is, pets seem to always get into areas they are not supposed to. Any of these sound familiar?

  • Muddy paws
  • Knocked over trash cans
  • “Wet fur shake”

All of these can have easy cleanup with waterproof flooring.

Dog shaking wet fur.

Best Flooring For Pets

With the need for durable, waterproof, and easy to maintain floors, picking the right flooring is crucial to its longevity. Hardwood flooring provides a great look and feel, but most are not waterproof and can become warped if liquids are left on it too long. Laminate is a very durable flooring that is easy to clean, but does not stand up to spilled water very well. 

The best choice for pet flooring is Luxury Vinyl Planks. They cover every base. LVP is very durable and there are versions that are scratch resistant. They are waterproof, allowing your pet to make the occasional mess. Not only are they easy to maintain but they are the most affordable of any pet-friendly flooring.

Looking at upgrading your flooring to pet-friendly Luxury Vinyl Planks?