Hardwood flooring adds a touch of elegance, warmth, and beauty.

How to Pick Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

Hardwood flooring brings a unique and elegant touch to your home. From different shades to wood grains, there are many factors to consider when shopping for hardwood floors. Where do you begin? Below we provided helpful tips and ideas to get started.

Hardwood Species

Before deciding on the wood species, there are three major deciding factors to consider: durability, costs, and style preference. Your flooring will impact your lifestyle. Make sure to choose wisely and think about what’s best for you and your family. If you have a busy household, you’ll want to choose solid hardwood to be durable enough to withstand high foot traffic areas. Soft hardwood is more susceptible to dents and scuffs, perfect for a low-traffic room with less activity like a formal dining/living room. One thing to note is that hardwood species vary in grain patterns, textures, stains, and prices. There are many species to choose from, but the most popular choices in 2021 are:

  • Ash
  • Birch
  • Black Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Ebony
  • European Oak
  • French Oak
  • Hickory
  • Maple
  • Red Oak
  • White Oak
  • White Oak

Hardwood Color

Selecting the color of hardwood takes time and consideration. Choosing a color is most important because it’s a permanent decision, not one you can change out quickly. Keep in mind that the choice of color depends on your interior design style, furniture, and cabinetry.

Dark Hardwood

Dark wood is a popular choice because it goes well with most furniture and decor. The rich and warm tones make colors pop and add depth and contrast to any room. Dark hardwood looks incredibly well with white cabinets. It gives the room a sophisticated and rich feel. One of the many benefits of dark hardwood is that it doesn’t fade and provides an elegant look that complements many interior design styles and decor. Dark wood also adds value to your home because it never goes out of style and sells for more than compared to houses with light-colored hardwood.

Light Hardwood

Light hardwood is the best choice for busy households with children and pets because it’s easier to clean. It hides dust, footprints, stains, and most pet fur. Light wood floors make a room appear brighter and more extensive. They coordinate well with various decorating styles and decor. The best way to decide on light or dark wood is to browse our selections and take home samples to see which color will go well with your decor, furniture, and cabinetry.

Where to place hardwood floors

Hardwood floors can be placed in any room of your house and provide a beautiful warm and cozy look. They are most ideal for:

  • Bedrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Entryway
  • Family Rooms
  • Bonus Room

If you choose to place hardwood floors in your bathrooms and laundry room, you will need to ensure that they do not get saturated with water due to splashes from the bathtub or leaking washers. If you have any water spills, you’ll want to clean it up quickly so it doesn’t seep between the seams, which can cause mold and other issues. Bathrooms have humidity because of the steam from showers, which can cause the hardwood to warp and even crack. Before you install hardwood in your bathroom or laundry room, make sure to speak with your designer to see which type of flooring is best for your lifestyle.

Brand Selections

We offer today’s most popular brands in our showroom, and our design professionals will help you find the best match for your home. Our design experts will help you make a plan and guide you through the entire process. They will hand-select colors and brands based on your style preference. Each brand ranges in colors and price points. Take a look at the many options below.

  • Shaw Floors: Carpet, Hardwood, Laminate, Vinyl, Tile, Stone
  • Anderson Tuftex: Hardwood, Carpet
  • Fabrica: Hardwood, Carpet
  • Masland: Carpet, Luxury Vinyl, Commercial
  • Monarch Plank: Hardwood
  • California Classics: Hardwood
  • Reward Flooring: GemCore Stone Composite, Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl
  • Republic Flooring: PureSPCMax (SPC Waterproof Flooring)
  • Pro-Tek: WPC Engineered Vinyl Flooring (Waterproof)
  • Provenza: Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl Plank (Waterproof)

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