Luxury Vinyl Planks are the best flooring for summer pool party hosts

Summer Living in Placer County

Placer County-It’s time to splish and splash! When the temperature rises, the itch for outdoor fun ensues—pool parties, sprinkler fun, yummy barbecue, sticky sweets, oh my. Summer living in placer county is upon us.

With your children on summer break and summer fun in full effect, that means the interior of your home is exposed to more dirt, wet feet, spills, dust, and grime than usual. In a perfect world, everyone would towel dry before heading indoors, but that’s not always what happens, right? When your floor is vulnerable to muddy feet, scratches, spills, and other potential accidents, it’s hard to keep it safe and clean from heavy foot traffic.

Are you ready to ditch your old floors and start anew? You are in luck because there are many options to choose from that are durable and waterproof. Let’s discover them below!

Which one is right for you?

It’s time to battle it out! Which one are you rooting for? Luxury Vinyl Planks or laminate? Well, it all depends on your lifestyle and preference. If you have an active household, you want to choose a material that will ultimately withstand the summer heat, wet feet, sticky hands, and spills. Now, let’s dive into different flooring options and look at the many benefits that they offer.


One of the benefits of laminate flooring is affordability. You can have the look you desire, like dark wood grains, natural-appearing stones, and ceramics, without the hefty cost. Plus, laminate has a thick resin core layer that protects it from stains, scratches, fading, and minor spills. Laminate comes in many colors and styles to match your design preference.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

For busy homes with children and pets, LVP is the way to go. This popular flooring type is affordable and provides a beautiful and realistic look with many patterns, colors, and textures. Luxury Vinyl Planks are highly durable and 100 percent waterproof, meaning this flooring type can withstand moisture and humidity. This durability is perfect for busy areas, including the kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom. In addition, LVP is easy to clean and maintain with no special cleansers needed. LVP is scratch and stain-resistant and is cool to the touch, perfect for the summer season.

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant

Now that we have dished out two flooring types for your busy home and summer season, it’s time to define the difference between waterproof and water-resistant flooring. Flooring has come a long way, and there are many options available. So which layer of protection is suitable for your home?

Waterproof Flooring

If you have an active lifestyle with children and pets running about, waterproof flooring might be the choice for you. When you are looking at different flooring options, be sure to check that the flooring type is 100 percent waterproof. You can install waterproof flooring in all rooms, especially high water areas, like bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, and laundry rooms. If a spill or leak occurs, it’s good to know that waterproof flooring is made with multiple layers to protect it from moisture, water damage, and humidity.

Water-Resistant Flooring

Water-resistant flooring is very different from waterproof flooring because of its core layer. For example, laminate’s core layer is made up of softwood fibers, making it a water resistant flooring, not waterproof. Water-resistant flooring can withstand small spills for a short amount of time. With this type of protection, you would need to clean the spills immediately to avoid water damage. Water-resistant flooring is ideal for rooms with less spills and foot traffic.

Design Experts

Ready to replace your old floors? We offer a wide selection of flooring with many patterns, colors, styles, water-resistant and waterproof options. Our design experts have a deep knowledge of a variety of flooring types, matching you with the flooring you desire. They will guide you through the process, listen to your concerns, and help you discover the best one. 

Are you ready to upgrade your home and transform it into a functional living space for you and your family? Our design experts are here to help.