New Floor Installation in Rocklin

New Floor Installation- Your Renovation Guide

Are you ready to give your home a fresh new look but not sure where to begin? Deciding what is best for your home can be exciting and a little overwhelming. Here, we will discuss the importance of your design appointment, ways to prepare your home, and expectations during the installation process from beginning to end.

Design Consultation

The design and installation process involves many steps to ensure a smooth new floor experience and beautiful results. The first step is to schedule your floor design consultation so that you pick the best floor type, color, and style for your home. Our flooring specialists will help you bring your vision to life by paying attention to every detail, including your home’s color palette, style, and decor, so all the elements blend nicely together. Our design experts will offer advice and guidance while you sort through your options and likes by determining what type of floor fits your budget and lifestyle needs. Your new floor is a permanent investment, and you want to make sure you are satisfied with your choice by taking your time with the decision process, so every detail is considered before installation.

Installation Process from Beginning to End

At California Carpets and Design, you can count on us when it comes to installation. We take our time to ensure high-quality work and walk you through each step and different issues that arise. We have many strategies for measuring the space correctly, prepping your floors, and installation. 

Proper Measurements

Our flooring professionals will measure and plan out the materials needed so there is no delay with your scheduled installation. 

Furniture Removal

Before your installation date, please clean up and declutter the space and remove any valuables. You can keep the heavy furniture in place. We will remove your furniture and cover your wall fixtures on the day of your installation to keep them safe. 

Floor Preparation

After removing your existing floor or carpet and baseboards, we will check your subfloor to combat any issues underneath. Our installers will check for cracks and moisture and see if it’s appropriately leveled during this process. If the subfloor is uneven or has moisture issues, we have the equipment and materials needed to prep your floor before proceeding with the installation to ensure that the subfloor is flat, bonded, and placed properly. 

New Floor Installation

It can take about 1-7 days for installation, depending on the type of floor and size of the job. The flooring experts assigned to your home project will keep you informed of the timeframe. During the time of your floor installation, your home will be noisy and dusty. It’s good to have a plan for your pets and pick a spot away from the renovation if you are homeschooling for safety and peace of mind.

After Installation

When the job is complete, your beautiful new floor will need time to settle and for the adhesive to dry. Before your installers leave, they will remove the protective coverings and tape. When everything is done and placed back to normal, you can enjoy the look and feel of your new floors.

Your future floor plan starts now!

Your new floor design begins with your vision, and we are here to make it come true for you. Our interior design experts will provide professional recommendations and assist you every step of the way so you feel confident about your new floor choice.

If you are ready to make a new floor change, contact us today!