Commercial space with new flooring

Commercial Flooring- The “Flooring First” Design Approach

We always look down before we look up. The “flooring first” design approach to any interior space, whether commercial or residential, is based on a simple human behavior. When you enter a room (an interior), you look to the ground first before taking a step. The floor is the first thing we lay eyes on when we enter a room. Flooring will set the mood and define your space. Choosing the right flooring is key. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when considering a floor replacement solution that can deliver a return on your investment.

Use Flooring to Showcase your Products and Delineate Spaces

Flooring can help delineate your commercial space and set the tone. Waiting room areas with sofas and coffee tables may be more inviting with a light-pile carpet or more modern with luxury vinyl planks. Working with carpet tiles, you can find a clever way for wayfinding, and use your company’s logo colors in the carpet tiles to make your brand stand out, floor to ceiling.  

LVP, or luxury vinyl planks, are designed to look like wood or ceramic floor, which can showcase your products or services well and also stand up to high traffic. More rustic product lines may get more attention on hardwood flooring with richer, deeper wood tones that align with your brand. 

The “flooring first” design approach should have you mapping out your commercial space, with a good understanding of who will be visiting and using your space and what kind of business is conducted within it.

Mixing and Matching Flooring

Much like a pair of red shoes with a plain white suit, you really make a statement. Your flooring can do the same. Anchor your room with your flooring to create a shopping experience that keeps them coming back again and again. Hardwood can set the tone for a rustic-chic interior or a country inn. Luxury vinyl planks can cover vast floor scapes and deliver an incredible feeling of open space and zen. Carpet tiles are not only sustainable (replacing carpet tile pieces vs. a complete tear-out/relaying), they are a moneywise choice for high traffic spaces, and you can incorporate your company logo and colors.

Understanding your Visitors

Who will be visiting your office? What will they be wearing? Where will they be conducting most of their business, most importantly, is that room comfortable and conducive to doing that kind of business? Keeping your guests in mind is essential to building a welcoming environment.

Replace Your Commercial Flooring

Many things in life require careful thought and preparation, and a “flooring first” approach to designing your commercial is no different. The  great expression, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is on point when it comes to deciding on new or replacment flooring. Choose flooring that will work best with your needs, but one that will not be so outlandish that your commercial space would have to be neutralized before selling. The more unique touches you incorporate, the more the space becomes your own. Remember, though, that your future buyer may not like hot pink. 

When it comes to the almighty dollar, an ounce of prevention means installing sustainable flooring, resistant to stains and scuffs, and neutral enough to appeal to future commercial space buyers. Make your money back with the “flooring first” design approach and visit our design center today.